Counterpoint: Ontario experience provides ample rationale for axing school boards

Re: “Canning school boards will have unintended consequences” (Jan. 31 online opinion piece).

With all due respect to former Education Minister Marilyn More who wrote, “the Glaze report does not offer evidence to justify the extreme leap to disbanding elected school boards,” there is more than enough evidence to justify the move.


Mindfulness in Education - CPCO Principal Connections Winter 2014 Volume 18 Issue 2 pp. 10 - 11.

With a solid foundation for mindful practice, both educators and the children that we serve will be much better prepared to deal critically, creatively and compassionately with the challenges ahead. 

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Francis - A Pope Of Many Firsts - CPCO Principal Connections Winter 2014 Volume 18 Issue 2 p. 4

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a pope of many firsts.  Elected by a papal conclave on March 13, 2013, the former chemical technician and nightclub bouncer is the first Jesuit pope, the first pope from the Americas, the first Pope from the Southern Hemisphere, and the first non-European pope to hold office in 1272 years.  Many would say he is the first pope to use technology to break down communication barriers, to form partnerships and to build bridges.  Outstanding communication and authentic openness can go a long way toward improving the health of any organization. 

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Einstein and Math - CPCO Principal Connections Fall 2014 Volume 18 Issue 1 pp. 4 - 5

When Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, he brought illumination to the world at the tender age of 26.  More than 300 years of scientific certainty were swept away with his formula.  Using his intuitive and rational minds, intuition, the power of his daydreams, play, creative imagination, music, walks in nature, a pencil, paper, and a math formula, Einstein literally changed the world. 

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Standardized Testing - CPCO Principal Connections Summer 2014 Volume 17 Issue 3 pp. 32 - 33

If Ontario wishes to continue to lead school reform around the world, the use of standardized tests needs to be reconsidered.  A useful tool in the traditional world, standardized testing could easily become handcuffs in the modern one. 

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The Role of Spirituality in Public Education - OPC Register Winter 2014 pg. 42

If we reframe the way we think about spirituality in public schools, it will be a revolutionary prescription for education in the new millennium. 

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Global Education Perspectives:  Canada Grapples With Testing Too - ParentMap January 2014

As it mounts its own version of education reform, Ontario is also grappling with standardized testing.  Is the drive towards improved test scores and stronger PISA results killing creativity in Canadian education?