We are all capable of so much more than we assume.  We have an innate potential for wisdom, creativity, innovation, compassion, and selflessness.  Yet most of us don’t fully access that potential.

If we cling to what worked in the past, we will not survive the trials ahead.  If we wish to both survive and prosper, we need to abandon attitudes, values, and beliefs that no longer serve our needs, and embrace new ideas.

In Lotus of the Heart, you will begin to understand the deep sources of your potential, creating new expectations for what life could be like, not only for yourself, but for all humans on this planet.  And when enough of us blossom in that way, together we can heal and transform the world. 


Everyone should read this book. This is an important book for saving our world.
Using extensive research, contains important information and concepts re interconnectedness, recommend to ALL to read it. Gives me hope that we may be able to change paradigms and get the world out of the mess it is in. Thank you Debbie. 
June Penn - May 18, 2014

Amazing! Lotus of the Heart is an amazing read from a wonderfully talented writer and beautiful person. You will definitely not be disappointed! Beautifully written. Florenza - May 22, 2013

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