Three Hidden Ways Education Contributes to Discrimination

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Ontario’s education system is a world-class education system. Canadian students perform well on PISA – the Program for International Student Assessment – and there have been positive results over the past fifteen years in increasing elementary literacy and numeracy, improving graduation rates, and reducing the number of low-performing schools. But there’s a dark side to the system we don't recognize. Ontario’s education system also unwittingly contributes to gender and race discrimination.

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Eight Powerful Reasons You Should Wear a Pink Hat (and do other things to confront gender and racial discrimination)

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Time magazine’s cover for its February 8th issue is a single, pink, knitted hat with the words “The Resistance Rises” written above it. An estimated 500,000 women wore pink hats at the Women’s March in Washington on January 21, 2017. The hat has become an iconic symbol of resistance. Here are eight powerful reasons why you should wear a pink hat (and take a stand against gender and race discrimination in other ways):

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The Feminine Afterthought

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In May 2013, Caroline Criado-Perez, a “feminist campaigner,” threatened the Bank of England with legal action when they decided to phase out bills featuring Elizabeth Fry, a prison reformer,  replacing Fry with Winston Churchill.  While it may appear that Criado-Perez is pro prison reform or that she’s an Elizabeth Fry fan, she’s actually suing the bank for “failing in its duties to eliminate gender discrimination under the Equality Act.” 

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