The Golden Age of Women

by Debbie L. Kasman in ,

What does 2016 have in store for us? We're entering the Golden Age of women!

According to Sallie Krawcheck, Chair of Ellevate Network, a global professional women’s network, the year 2016 will be the year in which entrepreneurialism and feminism converge.  Together, they’ll drive the start of a wave of female entrepreneurship and it’ll be good for the economy, good for consumers, good for society, and positive and empowering for the women who make the leap to starting and running their own businesses.

Research shows that start-ups with female leadership are more successful than those run by men only and by a fairly good measure.  A recent report by First Round Capital shows 63% better performance from companies with women leaders than by all-male leadership teams.

You may have already noticed a lot of successful female entrepreneurs leading the way.  They’ve founded and run businesses like, 23and Me, and Tory Burch.  These women are not playing by the rules of the past.  They are banishing the concept that women’s businesses are supposed to be little or cute, or that successful businesses are run mostly by men.      

There is a growing “ecosystem” of networks supporting female entrepreneurs, and the cost of technology is decreasing which enables entrepreneurs to start businesses in ways they couldn’t even a year ago.  Plus the other costs of running a business are coming down, too.

Krawcheck says entrepreneurialism is no longer just for the young or for men.  She says it’s expanding its impact and women are increasingly getting involved, especially after the kids head off to college. 

What’s the impact of all this?   

These new women-run businesses will grow the economy and many of them will make the lives of other women better (and maybe even more fun).  These businesses will also provide places for other women and men to work. 

Companies that don’t “get it” and keep operating with mostly male leadership teams marketing to women (who buy most of the product) as though the rules of the past for engaging women are the same will suffer in this new economy.  Our only choice in the past was to continue to buy from these companies.  Today, it’s much more attainable for us to start our businesses. 

Krawcheck say the big idea for 2016 is that we are entering the golden age of female entrepreneurship.

The even bigger idea is that women will begin to recognize this and take control of the power we have to control our own economic and financial destinies.   

Debbie L. Kasman

Author Lotus of the Heart:  Reshaping the Human and Collective Soul