On Becoming Whole

by Debbie L. Kasman in ,

Many of us try to be perfect because we think we have to be perfect.  This false assumption can lead to many challenges.  Instead of trying to be perfect, we should instead spend time trying to be whole

Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, believed we are born whole, but as we progress through life, we start to split ourselves into many parts.  This split happens because we are conditioned from birth by our parents, schools, religions, society, and the media, all of which attempt to homogenize us towards an artificial standard we call “normal.”

When we are conditioned, we lose sight of our true selves.  We become fragmented, unhealthy and unbalanced.  We escape the challenges of our lives and numb our minds through addictions to work, drugs, alcohol, television, movies, sex, food, or video games. 

Jean Houston, researcher in human capacities, says that in order to become whole again, we may have to temporarily give up striving for excellence.  She says it’s impossible to become whole through striving and achievement.  She believes that we each have four levels that need to be enhanced and balanced.  These four levels are the sensory, psychological, mythic, and spiritual levels.

In order to become more whole by enhancing your sensory self, consider:

  • Becoming more physical.

  • Becoming more aware of your breathing.

  • Meditation.

  • Watching for synchronicities in your life.

  • Trusting yourself by believing what you feel in your heart.

If you develop your sensory self, you’ll notice an increase in sensory perceptions and creativity in all kinds of different forms.  You’ll become more focused and you’ll enhance your powers of concentration.  Your dreams might become more vivid and more easily recalled.  You might get flashes of insight, images in your head, sounds in your ears, or feelings somewhere in your body.  You’ll even experience more synchronicity in your life. 

It’s important we enhance our sensory selves in order to work toward becoming whole again.  Wholeness is a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves in order to bring balance to our lives. 

Debbie L. Kasman

Author Lotus of the Heart:  Reshaping the Human and Collective Soul