Seven Ways To Open Your Heart

by Debbie L. Kasman in


Don Miguel, the Toltec master and author, says we were born to love.  We are all “factories” of love, but we are not aware of it.  He says we don’t need love; rather, we are love. 

Oprah Winfrey says we need to have an open heart, which is her definition of spirituality.  She says when you have an open heart, you are open to receive all the abundance that the higher power, (God or grace or whatever you choose to call him, her or it) has to offer.  She says when you receive this abundance, you can love more deeply and more fully.

British author, David Icke, says we can live in a world dominated by hate and fear, or we can create a world dominated by love and compassion.  We all have the opportunity to create this new world by healing ourselves.  He says, “When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.  When we change ourselves, we change the world.  When we love ourselves, we love the world.  And when we love the world, it will manifest in a very different form than what we are used to.”

Writer and spiritual teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, writes in his book Serpent of Light that over the years mankind has moved away from the heart and into the world of logic.  We put our belief in the mathematician and scientist because science has proven that ancient knowledge is ignorance.  Because of our certainty that science is the ultimate truth, we are a world on the brink of total destruction.  He says our minds are not as brilliant as we think.  The light of the world comes from the heart.  Creation always begins in the heart and then we transfer it to the mind.  Melchizedek writes: “We have forgotten our essence, and if we do not remember it very soon, our great technological mind will lead us into a world of massive pain and worldwide destruction.  A world without heart is a mechanical world separating itself from...Reality.”  When we begin to remember how to operate from our hearts once again, our lives will change.  

Melchizedek teaches that in order to be in flow with today’s rapidly moving events and not feel overwhelmed, the relationship between the heart and the brain is paramount.  It is the key to everything.  He says that if you live and function only from your brain, today’s events will come at you faster and faster, and they’ll be so big and so rapid that you’ll be overwhelmed.  He says, “When we learn to leave the brain and live in the heart and from the heart and through the heart, everything is easy.  No matter how fast something is coming at you, the heart can handle it.”  He advises that we need to let go of expected outcomes—the where, the why, the how—and to let the flow of life carry us.   “This is a very ancient relationship,” he says.  “Our heart knows what to do and it’s effortless.”  In order to survive the brand new world of which we aren’t yet aware, we need to flow with change.  He reminds us that our hearts can see in ways that our brains can’t.  We can either struggle and worry, or we can go into our hearts and reconnect with our higher self or God.  Our hearts will guide and protect us, and we’ll move through chaos and into order. 

Here are seven ways to open your heart:

  • Stop several times during the day and ask yourself how you feel.

  • Close your eyes and experience what you are feeling in that exact moment.

  • Catch yourself when you are being analytical and deliberately shift yourself into feeling—my head says this, what does my heart say?

  • Do something for someone each day that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and hang onto that feeling for a while.

  • Express love for someone every day and let the feelings linger.

  • Listen to music about love (for example, "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles or "One Heart, One Love" by Bob Marley).

  • Express gratitude every day for the wonderful things you have in your life.

Debbie L. Kasman

Author Lotus of the Heart:  Reshaping the Human and Collective Soul