The Art of Savouring

by Debbie L. Kasman in ,

We lead extremely fast-paced lives and as a result, many of us have lost the art of slowing down, stumbling upon random things, finding magical moments in our day, or wandering off into the wilderness of our daydreams.  With technology streamlining our lives and with two or three online selves to take care of, we’ve become routinized and mechanized modern humans.  And this is detrimental to our health. 

One way to counteract this is to practice the art of savouring.  Savouring is the art of experiencing the simple things in life completely, fully and with gratitude as soon as they occur. 

To practice this, use all five senses to experience a beautiful moment. Take a deep breath, slow yourself down for a minute or two, and feel a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for what's occurring in the present moment.

Try to make this a regular part of each day. That's what I do and it works.  

I love to drink tea. I take a few minutes to sit in my favourite chair or on a park bench in front of the fireplace. I bask in the heat and turn off the world for just a few minutes and fully enjoy the experience.

To do this, try focusing on the scents around you.  Notice how the flames of the fire dance in the hearth, appreciate the sound of the breeze when it ruffles the leaves, the raindrops as they hit the window, or the sound of the birds at the feeder.  Deliberately slow your breathing down.  Consciously take deeper breathes. Close your eyes and feel deep gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful moment you are experiencing.   

You don’t have to drink tea, sit in front of a fire or in the sun to practice the art of savouring.  It’s easy to savour almost anything.  All you have to do is look for small moments in your day, every day, and deeply and consciously enjoy each moment, using all five of your senses.

When your day gets busy or you feel stressed, take some time to smell the roses quite literally!  Remind yourself that life is not a race, that you need to pay attention to the moment every once in a while, to touch, feel, taste, hear and see all the things happening around you. Feel deeply and be grateful for each moment that you savour. Savouring isn’t about keeping a certain pace.  It’s about breaking out of the rhythm you’ve forced on yourself or that others have forced on you. 

Carlo Petrini, a Time magazine Hero of the Year and founder of the “slow food revolution,” says that not everything needs to be done slowly, but that we must learn to control the rhythms of our lives and determine our own tempos. 

Look for small moments throughout the day to savour. Cook and taste a wonderful meal, listen to and feel beautiful music, read an inspirational quote and share it with a friend, walk past a bakery and inhale the scent of freshly baked bread or give someone you love a big hug. 

When you choose to slow down and take the time to enjoy your current experience fully, deeply and with gratitude, you are practicing the wonderful art of savouring.

And de-stressing, too. 

Debbie L. Kasman

Author Lotus of the Heart:  Reshaping the Human and Collective Soul and Shattering My Internal Glass Ceiling: One Working Woman's Struggle for Change (due out soon)