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I’ve known about the importance of synchronicity for quite some time and I’ve experienced it for myself many times.  But I had no idea that synchronicity is the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of the universe until recently. 

In his new book, The Synchronicity Key, David Wilcock tells us that very thing.  He says that all life exists because of a Source Field (some call it God) that is “conscious and alive in its own unique way, on a scale far too vast for the finite mind to fathom.”  He believes the universe is alive, conscious and self-aware, and “there is a plan and a purpose to our lives on earth that is far greater than most of us have ever realized.”  We don’t need religion to appreciate the truth – even the non-religious can appreciate it – but we are discovering more and more wisdom in ancient spiritual traditions than scientists ever believed possible.    

Carl Jung began to think about synchronicity in the 1920s and he wrote about it in 1952 after he experienced it for himself in a powerful way.  He was treating a young woman and while she was telling him about a dream she had where someone gave her a golden scarab, Jung heard a noise on the window behind him.  He turned around and saw a flying insect “knocking” against the window from the outside.  When he opened the window and caught the insect, he discovered it was a scara-baeid beetle, the closest thing there is to a golden scarab in that area and he was amazed at the “coincidence.”        

Jung defined synchronicity as a “meaningful coincidence.”  Wilcock calls it “a mysterious synchronizing of seemingly unrelated events.”  Jung believed synchronicity is a true phenomenon and could be explained through Einstein’s theory of relativity and Quantum Mechanics theory.  Jung also believed that synchronicity is a “key element of spiritual awakening” because it “shift[s] us out of egocentric thinking into a viewpoint where we see ourselves as far more interconnected with one another” than we believe.   Wolfgang Pauli, a physicist and acquaintance of Jung’s, also believed in synchronicity because it was happening all around him too and he published a paper about it.  Even though Pauli won a Nobel Prize in 1945 and even though Jung’s work has been highly influential in many domains, the concept of synchronicity still isn’t accepted by traditional scientists nor is it taught in school.

I was amazed when I read that synchronicity started to happen in Wilcock’s life through repeating numbers he began to see everywhere (like on digital clocks, for example) at seemingly random moments.  While the phenomenon only happened to him once at first, it started to happen almost every day after a while and sometimes it happened more than once a day.  He’d be sitting reading and he’d look at the clock and he’d see repeating patterns like 11:11, 3:33, 4:44 etc.  Or he’d wake up from a dream, look at the clock, and see one of these patterns.  (I just glanced at the clock as I typed this.  It read 2:22.) 

My experiences with synchronicity started just like Wilcock’s did.  About 8 years ago, I awoke early one morning and glanced at the digital clock beside my bed.  It read 1:11.  I was a bit surprised that I had woken up and glanced at the clock to see this repeating digit but I was very tired and simply fell back asleep.  It happened again the very next night at the exact same time!  “That's odd,” I thought to myself.  “This must mean something.” But because I was tired, I fell back asleep again.  I knew this occurrence meant something but I had no idea what.  Rather than thinking about it too much, it was easier to assume it was “just a coincidence.”  But then I started to see repeating digits during my waking hours, too.  I would randomly glance at the clock and, more often than it should based on probability, the clock would read 11:11 or 1:11.  And then it started to happen with other numbers too.  The triple ones became triple fours and after a while the fours morphed into triple twos and threes.  Sometimes I’d see triple fives; other times I’d see triple nines.  That‘s when I came to realize this was far more than mere coincidence, that it was synchronicity in action. 

I now see synchronicity all around me.  Today, within 30 minutes of writing the words above, I was driving my mom to see a lung specialist.  About halfway to the appointment, I noticed the car in front of us had 444  - triple fours all in a row – in its license plate.  Smiling to myself at the beautiful synchronicity, we ended up following the triple fours all the way into the hospital parking lot.  Like a chariot being drawn by winged cherubs, we too were being drawn to the hospital by a very special and loving force.  We got some good news from the specialist and just as we were pulling out of the hospital parking lot, synchronicity happened again.  I happened to glance at the clock and it read 11:14 – triple ones all in a row.  That same loving force that had guided us to the hospital was also escorting us home.  The entire medical experience that day was surrounded by a beautiful and mysterious synchronicity.    

We all have meaningful coincidences in our lives that are too obvious to be ignored or written off as mere chance.  (Think about all the times you’ve been thinking about someone and a few minutes later that person calls you or when you mention someone's name that you haven't seen in a while and you run into them a few days later.)  Wilcock says simply becoming aware of synchronicity can make it happen more often.  He believes it’s the conscious universe communicating with us, trying to get our attention, because we are now ready to know who and what we really are. 

The next time you see triple numbers on a clock or in a license plate, pay attention.  Remind yourself that it’s synchronicity in action and be grateful for the experience.  Don’t worry so much about what the numbers mean (although reading about their meaning can be fun too).  Concentrate on what you were just thinking about before the synchronicity happened.  Typically, synchronistic events are telling you that you are on the right track and your thoughts are correct or helpful for your soul.  Don’t listen when people tell you that synchronistic events are mere coincidence and remember that well known scientists like Jung and Pauli developed theories of synchronicity because they too experienced and believed in the phenomenon. 

As you begin to acknowledge synchronicity in your life, you’ll begin to experience more synchronicity and your experience of life will change.  Your intuition will grow stronger, you’ll begin to relate to the inner voice inside you, you’ll learn to trust yourself, and your life will flow more smoothly.  Wilcock says it’s impossible to predict when or where synchronicity will occur and it can be a bit frustrating waiting for it to appear.  “[But] one day it does – and in that brief, tantalizing moment, you have touched infinity.  You have tasted that which cannot be tasted.  You catch a fleeting glimpse of that which cannot be seen – and yet it is just as real as the eyes that gaze upon it, the ears that hear it, and the mind that revels in it…The universe is vastly more mysterious and wonderful than we assume – and we are loved more than we could ever possibly imagine.”         

Debbie L. Kasman

Author Lotus of the Heart:  Reshaping the Human and Collective Soul