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There is a city in Iowa called Fairfield that claims to be the healthiest city in the US.  Residents say they live stress-free and their town has virtually no crime. What is the secret to this collective bliss? Most of the 9000 residents come together twice a day to meditate.     

Millions of people practice meditation every day because it works. Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle tells us that stillness is our essential nature – it’s the inner space or awareness in which we perceive things that become thoughts. He reminds us that we are awareness disguised as a person. He writes that the thinking mind is a useful and powerful tool but it is also very limiting if you let it take over your life completely. He reminds us that in each of us there is a dimension of consciousness that is far deeper than thought. It’s the very essence of who we are. Finding that place frees us and the world from the suffering we inflict on ourselves and others when we lose touch with that place. We have to begin to realize that the voice in our head pretends to be us but really isn’t us. We have to begin to notice that we are not the thinker but we are the one who is aware of the thinker. This awareness comes through meditation.    

Meditation is very powerful and we now see evidence of this in the science lab.  Thanks to the Dalai Lama, highly regarded research institutions like Harvard and MIT have been researching the human brain for quite some time in order to better understand what happens when people meditate. In 2003, the Dalai Lama visited MIT and he delivered a profound yet simple message:  we should learn what makes a happy mind in order to help everybody have a happy mind. “Everybody is making an effort for material comfort,” he said, “but not as much effort to be happy.”  Many scientists now believe that understanding the brain and the mind might be the greatest scientific discovery of the 21st century. 

Please take a few minutes to watch this funny and informative video.  English comedian and actor, Russell Brand, interviews renowned quantum physicist, Dr. John Hagelin from Harvard, about the science behind meditation.  It’s about 8 minutes long and totally worth the time!

Debbie L. Kasman

Author Lotus of the Heart:  Reshaping the Human and Collective Soul