Smoothing out the Jagged Edges of the Soul

by Debbie L. Kasman in ,


A city in Sweden is sinking.  Yes, you read that right.  An entire city is sinking!  It’s the city of Kiruna, and iron ore mining has caused massive cracks to appear under the land.  This is now threatening the stability of the buildings and streets.  The entire city – 18,000 people – is relocating to new land two miles east. 

The Dead Sea is drying up.  It’s drying up at a rate of one meter per year.  This has caused more than 3,000 sinkholes to appear on the Israeli side of the sea.  Experts say the sinkholes are now forming at the rate of nearly one per day. 

Nine square miles of ocean floor near Louisiana’s tip are severely damaged.  They are so damaged - from the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 - that the tiny animals that live there can no longer survive.        

Most of us aren't even aware these things are happening.  We live our lives on automatic pilot and we scurry about drinking our frothy lattes while cities sink, seas dry up, and animals die on the ocean floor.  While there is nothing wrong with drinking frothy lattes, there is a great deal wrong when we don't notice these things happening around us.       

We have tough times ahead.  If we hope to survive the tough times ahead, higher human development is a must.  Higher human development is only possible if we slow down our lives and create time to develop our inner selves - our souls.  All the world’s great wisdom traditions teach this. 


Developing our souls involves making an inner journey.  We must spend less time in our heads and more time in our hearts.  We each have a lotus buried deep in our hearts - think of it as your soul - and we’ve become disconnected from this lotus.  When we develop our inner selves, we access our heart lotus.  As we spend time accessing our heart lotus, its petals begin to unfold.  Like the lotus with its roots sitting in the mud at the bottom of our very unhealthy pond, we have the ability to rise above our muddy waters to achieve a more healthy and peaceful planet.  The more our heart lotus blossoms, the healthier we and our world will become.       

Getting back in touch with our heart lotus - our soul - is a slow and gradual process that requires deep inner work.  Just as water flows over rocks in a stream, reshaping the stream and smoothing out all the jagged edges in the rocks, we can do the same with our souls.  If we do enough inner work, eventually over time, we can smooth out the jagged edges of our soul.  If we each take the time to smooth out the jagged edges of our soul, we’ll not only reshape our own soul.  We’ll also reshape our collective soul.   When we reshape the human and collective soul, we'll reshape our world.  Then and only then will cities stop sinking, seas stop drying up and tiny animals stop dying on the ocean floor.      

What do you do to reshape your soul? 

Debbie L. Kasman

Author Lotus of the Heart:  Reshaping the Human and Collective Soul